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5 Steps on the Path to Recovery from Stroke and Aneurysm

When working to recover from a debilitating illness or any great medical challenge, such as a stroke or aneurysm, no one can predict the future. What will a given person’s recovery look like? What capacities will the survivor regain? Will life ever go back to “normal” again? The journey for each person is unique, and […]

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Can Infants Have Strokes?

Editor’s note: This article was originally written by Laura Sauer for The editors at Balanced Living Magazine (where Samantha Gluck is a regular contributor) thought it so awesome, that they asked permission to republish the story. Sauer is a wife, mother to two young boys, and high school English teacher in Michigan. In her […]

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Pediatric Stroke. Yeah, it happens.

Editor’s Note: Please welcome our newest guest contributor, Laura Miriam. Laura is a wife, mother to two boys, educator, sleep-deprived graduate student, and coffee addict.  In her spare time, Laura maintains a humor blog, Catharsis, which also features articles dedicated to raising awareness about pediatric stroke. Stroke.  Something that only happens to the elderly, right?  — […]

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