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5 Steps on the Path to Recovery from Stroke and Aneurysm

When working to recover from a debilitating illness or any great medical challenge, such as a stroke or aneurysm, no one can predict the future. What will a given person’s recovery look like? What capacities will the survivor regain? Will life ever go back to “normal” again? The journey for each person is unique, and […]

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Cold Sore Remedies for Those Pesky Painful Blisters

Cold sores or fever blisters, as they are sometimes referred to, can be a painfully embarrassing condition. These tiny blisters can appear seemingly out of nowhere and can ruin anyone’s day, evening or week. While many people know what a cold sore looks like, they do not know what causes it, how to prevent it […]

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Surviving Cushing’s Syndrome: A personal account by Nellie Sabin

Editor’s Note: Please help me welcome my friend and successful author, Nellie Sabin, as the latest guest contributor. Nellie has graciously shared her story about how she survived Cushing’s with you, our readers. A little background on this amazing woman: Nellie Sabin is a freelance writer and editor who has published 10 nonfiction books with traditional […]

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What You Should Know About Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

Editor’s Note: Introducing Lisa Buben, guest contributor for Medtopicwriter. Please help us welcome Lisa to our guest contributor network for Medtopicwriter. A blogger and webmaster since 2009, Buben and her husband, Ken, own FancyScrubs, an online business that specializes in fluid repellent medical uniforms that protect healthcare workers from blood and bodily fluids. Check out […]

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What’s the Scoop on Ovarian Cysts?

Being aware of your body is the most proactive and efficient way to maintain your overall health and well-being. Women should visit their OB/GYN annually for screenings and pelvic examinations that can detect abnormal changes in their bodies. Statistics show that almost 80% of women will acquire an ovarian cyst at some point in their […]

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