Sexual Addiction – Is it just an excuse?

sex addiction

Sexual Addiction - A growing, but treatable problem

The news media abound with stories about sexual addiction – from celebrities to everyday men to soccer moms. Many may remember the June 2011 flurry of news stories about democratic representative from New York, Anthony Weiner, who sought therapy for sexual addiction after becoming embroiled in a very public scandal. Sexual addiction might appear to be media hype, but approximately 9 million Americans claim to suffer from this growing problem.

Is it real or an excuse?

Many people want to know whether sexual addiction, also called hypersexuality, is a real psychological disorder, or just an excuse used by those who have a problem with self-control. People frequently have trouble recognizing the blurred line between failed morality and true addiction. But those who work with sex addicts in a clinical setting claim the condition is real and on the rise. Read the rest of this, my latest story for Balanced Living Magazine, here.

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